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This is a "magazine" I made...
when I was in highschool. The magazine was called 'Pai magazine'. At the time I was sewing alot and making some scrapy clothes. I really wanted a job as an intern  designing at a clothing company. My dream job was at Stussy

So I thought If I made a ghetto "magazine", I could use it to showcase projects and work that I had done.  I spent a  day, taking pictures of clothing I had sewed up  and things that I had made, in the past.  It probably took me another week or two to put all of the magazines together. I designed about 10, twenty-paged magazines(or portfolios).  All of them were the same. I color copied them all. And bound the seams with duck tape and vintage wrapping paper. (The one pictured above was the original I saved in my notebook).

I sent one to Stussy. I remember drawing all over the package and tried to make it look all crazy, hoping it would catch their attention. I left my first name and my number. And within' a week or so I got a phone call from them, telling me they wanted to meet with me! They had no idea who I was, they were just so blown away by the effort I had put in to try and get the job there. (They probably felt bad for me. ha.)  Anyways.. I ended up getting a job as  the Woman's Designer intern. I was beyond words. 

Scotty who was my boyfriend at the time(we're married now) surfed a bunch and rode for this wetsuit company, Reunion, over in Japan. The Reunion guy asked me to take photos of Scotty wearing the suits. That's where this photo came from. I decided to make scotty my team rider also. That's how he made it into 'Pai Magazine'. I'm a dork.

Check back next Friday for more from my crap... 

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