HO. Ho. HoOo.

Santa's little elf...
I'm not dead I swear.


Our 25 Dollar Tree



For the past few years we've had a fakeee. But, Nothing beats the smell of a real tree... so we decided to get a real one this year. Couldn't go wrong for 25 bucks... 

Chopstixs Friedegg Fridays

These are some photos of some necklaces I made a while back... I found random vintage jewels and other things, made them into necklaces, drew the girl taking a photo for my logo, put them in a ziplock with some sushi grass and called them Bungy Gems. I made around 100 of them and sold them to my friends at school for 20 bucks each. These are the 3 survivors. And that was the end of that story.

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Love you...

Hono-lu-lu, where are you?

April 2011
Littlest Chopstick head was 6 months old in this photo... This was the week I found out I was pregnant.. (again).   I love hawaii. I Wish that I could just shake some magical beans and jump back into this photo with my lover heads.

Chopstix's Friedegg Fridays...

THis is just a random I found in my old folder from highschool. Drew the stuff on the left and the right is a magazine cut out with some sticky crap all over it...
the end.

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Family Archives

So excited... 
Uncle Don dropped off his old portfolio for me to check out. It's filled with goodies.  Can't wait to dig in!  I like this painting he did. Crazy how real that eye ball looks. Thanks Uncle Donzo for letting me borrow this treasure box.

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