In memory of MEow Meow.

Our dearest kitty Meow Meow got eaten by the neighborhood wolfs the Friday before Christmas. She was so loved. Our first baby.. We got her just a couple months after we got married in 2007.  I'll never forget the first day we went to go pick her up. I had been searching craigslist for a kitty. When I came across Meow's picture I knew she was the one. We went to the couple's house and Meowzers was going crazy. She was a couple months old and in prime time kitty teenager mode. Bouncing off  walls and chasing her tail like a true spazz. We brought her home that night. Shpotty was laying in bed in his PJ's, no shirt, and Meowzer's jumped up onto his chest and gave his ol' nipple a lick. 
We loved this cat so much. It's finally setting in that she's gone. :(

SoOO. I made this Memorial of Meow Meow on a mini fridge in the garage, her favorite spot. She was an true bad ass alley cat. She cut throats and drank from the gutter. Caught birds for dinner and kept watch of her home on top of the house.. She  was a badass, but she was the biggest lover also. She loved to snuggle. Sad to say she was out numbered this time. 

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