Gingham queen



Watercolour #4
Painted her up earlier today..
(I should probably start scanning the paintings in, instead of taking crapy phone photos. eh. I'm too lazy.)

Dream weaver


Watercolour # 3





Water Color #3

Painted this of Paola van der Hulst (PVDH) from 

Shwinn Sauce, my sis.

watercolour of my sis. I lubb her.

CHopstix Friedegg Fridays.


Here's more from that magazine I made back in highschool, 'Pai Magazine'.
The first pic was the cover. The last photo is a page of some clothes I made from scratch.  Both the Halter and the T-shirt, and also the skirt. The jeans were oversized acid washed jeans that I sewed up to fit, cut the waistline down(way down, that pic is from when brittany spears was cool. ha), and then I added a new waistline from different fabric. My mom took the photos of me wearing the stuff in our backyard and in my old room. Oh man.. I found all the different vintage fabrics for dirt cheap at the swap meet. Which would be Scotty's (my boyfriend at the time) and my ritual every single weekend. Swap meets and Izzy's bagels. 10 years later still cruisin' the swap every once in a while and eating Izzy's weekly. Some things never change. Only thing that's different now is that we're married with a 10 month old and 6 months knocked up with the second. OK.
 Maybe things DOo change :/

Make sure to check back next week, for more from my old crap.

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Wigs and twiggs.

My first time with WaterCOlors..

.. in a long while.
I think, I've fallen in love with them. They're so easy and fast. This thing only took me like 10 minutes.
I have a feeling there will be a lot more watercolor paintings to follow.



From a few months ago.

Finally finished!





This  was a project I did for school. It took a couple weeks, but it's finally finished. Whoo.

*SO... about school. I quit. The teacher was a gnard knocker. And I learned nothing from the few classes I went (he really took no effort in teaching us anything. There were only 10 people in his class out of 35 spots. Which kind of says it all). Not to mention, when I showed up the day this painting was due, with it finished.. he told me it wasn't due until the end of class. AND that the brown paper bag and potato needed to be in black and white. Ok, no big deal, only thing was that I had non of my paints or brushes OR the paper bag and potato. So I had no reference.. and totally jacked up the entire painting. Oh well. I'd rather be hangin' out with littlest chopstick than painting bags and potatoes anyways.


Original 1970's oil paintings, on wood canvas and gold metal hardware.
SEE the SHOPPE for more info...