CHopstix Friedegg Fridays.

Just found this folder book of all my drawings, mostly all from highschool. ANd there's a truck load more where that came from. aw man CHopstix  Friedegg Fridays are going to get crazy..
stay tuned.


CHopstix Friday Friedeggs..
Every Friday I'll be digging up something from the darkest dirtiest corners of my drawers. To bring to you some of my washed up over-fried moldy art from a few years back. art, sewing, zines I made, stuff from high school, screen prints, shirt logos.. bla bla. 

It's like going through old family photo albums. Some of it at the time I thought was the ugliest crap ever and now I have a new appreciation for it. And other stuff, I thought was way rad back then and now just is a big ball of moldy cheese. take it for what it is. 


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