Finally finished!





This  was a project I did for school. It took a couple weeks, but it's finally finished. Whoo.

*SO... about school. I quit. The teacher was a gnard knocker. And I learned nothing from the few classes I went (he really took no effort in teaching us anything. There were only 10 people in his class out of 35 spots. Which kind of says it all). Not to mention, when I showed up the day this painting was due, with it finished.. he told me it wasn't due until the end of class. AND that the brown paper bag and potato needed to be in black and white. Ok, no big deal, only thing was that I had non of my paints or brushes OR the paper bag and potato. So I had no reference.. and totally jacked up the entire painting. Oh well. I'd rather be hangin' out with littlest chopstick than painting bags and potatoes anyways.

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