What I'm lovin' for Fall 2011 hair

1. bangs bang

2. Finger wavin'

3. Smooth, sleek and healthy 

4. Health Goddess va va voooomin'

5. Head Bangin' Bradin 

6. Messy, yet refined and posished and I don't give an efff.

7. Sleek Pony's

8. Messy pony's

9. All greased up

10. Bed Head

Here's a million and one ways to wear your hair this fall. Just a little inspiration.

DIY nail polish

"Allure writer Elizabeth Siegel picked up the coolest trick from manicurist Bernadette Thompson at a photoshoot--you can mix loose glitter with clear nail polish to design your own glitter nail polish. This sounds obvious, but I somehow never thought of this idea before, despite being a devoted fan of both unusual nail polish and craft glitter (eh, who are we kidding--glitter of any kind).
Here's the how-to from Elizabeth's post:
1. Look for loose glitter at a crafts store. To create a dense, opaque polish, pick the smallest texture of glitter that you can find.
2. Take a half-full bottle of clear polish, and tint it with a few drops of lacquer that's the same shade as your glitter. (You can also choose a different color, if you want to experiment a little.) This will prevent your nail from showing through the glitter for a more polished look.
3. Using a creased piece of paper, funnel your glitter into the polish, filling about a quarter of the bottle. Shake the whole thing, and then you're ready to paint!
Check out the full Allure post for some of Bernadette's favorite glitter-polish "recipes".
So, how much am I dying to try this? Very much. I'm dying very much. But I have to get a story written first, so the glitter play must wait. Alas.

Read More http://www.glamour.com/beauty/blogs/girls-in-the-beauty-department/2011/08/we-know-you-love-nail-art--so.html#ixzz1WCqSM4m6"