f e r n X j o h a n n a k a r d e m u m m a

vintage fabric mermaid tails
100% wool sweaters

                                                                            no arms

freshly stuffed legs
my little helpers
 all ready to get dressed!

March almost spring Mermaids!!!

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First batch of 10 dolls

I have loved every part of this process. From picking the fabrics, to making the patterns, piecing them all together and getting to design/sew their clothes,  getting to cut and style their hair, collaborating with Chrystal from Hunter Boutique with the flower crowns, having a mini photoshoot with the girls in the fields and getting to connect with so many awesome people via social media. I seriously have loved ALL of it.  So much love went in to making each one of these dolls. It was really hard for me to see some of them go. I could not be happier to who they went to, though.  They all went so fast I didn't even get a chance to take decent photos of most of them! I am also so thankful for all of the support I have received. The first thing I've done was donate 10% of each sale to http://cohintl.org . So thank you so much to everyone that has purchased a doll!!! My heart has exploded!



Bolsa bolsa Bolsa

Went to Bolsa early this morning. I have never seen so many shells here. Thousands of them! We collected a few and barely put a dent in. Fun day!

Big wheels keep a turning

Mondaze are for daughter dates 💘

Took just rosebud to Bolsa . Rosebud dates = way too much fun