In memory of MEow Meow.

Our dearest kitty Meow Meow got eaten by the neighborhood wolfs the Friday before Christmas. She was so loved. Our first baby.. We got her just a couple months after we got married in 2007.  I'll never forget the first day we went to go pick her up. I had been searching craigslist for a kitty. When I came across Meow's picture I knew she was the one. We went to the couple's house and Meowzers was going crazy. She was a couple months old and in prime time kitty teenager mode. Bouncing off  walls and chasing her tail like a true spazz. We brought her home that night. Shpotty was laying in bed in his PJ's, no shirt, and Meowzer's jumped up onto his chest and gave his ol' nipple a lick. 
We loved this cat so much. It's finally setting in that she's gone. :(

SoOO. I made this Memorial of Meow Meow on a mini fridge in the garage, her favorite spot. She was an true bad ass alley cat. She cut throats and drank from the gutter. Caught birds for dinner and kept watch of her home on top of the house.. She  was a badass, but she was the biggest lover also. She loved to snuggle. Sad to say she was out numbered this time. 

Chopstixs Friedegg Fridays

Old man and I. foreverandever.amen

CHopstix Friday Friedeggs..
Every Friday I'll be digging up something from the darkest dirtiest corners of my drawers. To bring to you some of my washed up over-fried moldy art from a few years back. art, sewing, zines I made, stuff from high school, screen prints, photos,  shirt logos.. bla bla. 

It's like going through old family photo albums. Some of it at the time I thought was the ugliest crap ever and now I have a new appreciation for it. And other stuff, I thought was way rad back then and now just is a big ball of moldy cheese. take it for what it is. 

This is what I want to be doing..

time flys when you're having fun.. seems like this was just yesterday.

Ne Ne Bags !!!

Ne Ne Bags!!!

Miss Jen Watson, my beautiful sis. Super talented with making her own purses and having her own buisness... along with raising two boyeees. 

NeNe Bags was started by Jennifer Stopnik Watson in 01'. NeNe was Jennifer's childhood nickname.  She always wanted her own business and loved the fact that she could use her creativity to earn a living.  First, she started sewing handbags for friends, family and for fun.  Later on, Paul Frank, a good friend and former neighbor inspired her to make a career out of her talent.  She finally designed her first line, which debuted in early 03' at Dali Boutique.  She has since moved into an office/design studio where she sews and designs every NeNe Bag.  All bags are one of a kind,  handmade with vintage and vintage inspired upholstery.  NeNe Bags are sold in boutiques nationwide and are even in the hands of celebrity clients. Our goal at NeNe Bags is to help you make a fashion statement,  even if you are wearing blue jeans and a white tee.

SHOP her etsy and visit her WEBSITE

True Love.

First kiss. ever.

First day of being boyfriend/gurrrlfriend.

Wedding dinner at Cantamars with our Family.

Home from the Hospital With our new family.

This kid has been around for a while. And I love him more today then I ever have. Happy anniversary, babe.

white looked again and again.

Happy Birthday Mumskie...

Happy Birthday Mom! 
A painting I did of roobear... our labrador. Such a handsome man.

Lovin' on my fam...

Congratulations dad on getting Women's retailer of the year / Men's retailer of the year!!!
So proud that you're my dad. ANDDDD Happy Birthday Mother Bird! You don't look a day over 21!