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This stuff runs through my veins.  Almost everybody in my family is overly creative in some sort of way.  It goes WAY back.. to my grandpa and his dad.  We have quite the archive between us all. Every week, I'll try and post something from this huge pot of gold. I have enough to last us the century. So Stay tuned..

Here's Lindsay Chopstick's Family Tree..
to get a little taste of what you're in for.

Scotty Stopnik
My Old Man
*Photo Wiz
*Chops and builds Motor Bikes

Mother Bird
My Mum
*Sketch Book 
*Floral arrangements 
*Crazy Good gourmet cook/baker

       My pops.
*Surf Shop owner. Over the years he has done some insane window displays for his shops. Really inspiring stuff. Tons of hours/days/months were put into many of them. AND I'm excited to say we have photos of them all.

(What ever happend to good old fashioned window displays? Now everything is so generic and 'billboard out'). 

Grandpa Len
      My gramps. (Mum's dad)

* The one responsible for passing down almost ALL of the "Art" genes.
* Renaissance Man, what doesn't he do?
* Paints
* Draws
* Sculpts
* Carpentry 
* The list is endless 
His "archive" is the one I'm looking forward to discovering the most.  I still have to go visit him and take photos of all his stuff. 

Schwinn Sauce
My beautiful sis.

*Went to school for floral design
*Doesn't even know how rad her photos are.

Grandma Pai
My dad's mom

* Un-proclaimed Photographer.
Not sayin' shes a good one, just that she is always there capturing every moment.
She, literally, always has a disposable camera in her hands, sometimes two at one time. About 5-10 years ago it was only a polaroid camera she would use.
Her photo stash is endless.

My younger, but bigger brother
(He'll probably want to kill me for putting this photo up, I didn't have  one of him.. So, this was the only one I could find on the internet. haaa).

* Pretty much was past down Grandpa Len's Genes.
* What doesn't he do
* Web designer, designed and keeps updated.
* Pottery stuff
* Works alot with wood, pretty much can build anything from scratch. Just by figuring it out.

Trailor Park
My other younger brother

*Paints and stuff
He has quit the collection.

Uncle Don
Mom's brother

* Pretty much has the Grandpa Len gene also.
* Paints/draws
* Pro Photographer
* Figures out how to make crazy stuff


                                        Chase Stopnik
                   Scotty's cousin

* Draws really rad crap
* Does a lot of t-shirt designs for a bunch of different companies
* Chops and builds Motor bikes

Jen Watson
Scotty's sis

* sews and sells RAD bags

Jessie Stopnik
Scotty's other sis


            *takes cool photos


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