DIY nail polish

"Allure writer Elizabeth Siegel picked up the coolest trick from manicurist Bernadette Thompson at a photoshoot--you can mix loose glitter with clear nail polish to design your own glitter nail polish. This sounds obvious, but I somehow never thought of this idea before, despite being a devoted fan of both unusual nail polish and craft glitter (eh, who are we kidding--glitter of any kind).
Here's the how-to from Elizabeth's post:
1. Look for loose glitter at a crafts store. To create a dense, opaque polish, pick the smallest texture of glitter that you can find.
2. Take a half-full bottle of clear polish, and tint it with a few drops of lacquer that's the same shade as your glitter. (You can also choose a different color, if you want to experiment a little.) This will prevent your nail from showing through the glitter for a more polished look.
3. Using a creased piece of paper, funnel your glitter into the polish, filling about a quarter of the bottle. Shake the whole thing, and then you're ready to paint!
Check out the full Allure post for some of Bernadette's favorite glitter-polish "recipes".
So, how much am I dying to try this? Very much. I'm dying very much. But I have to get a story written first, so the glitter play must wait. Alas.

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