Ne Ne Bags !!!

Ne Ne Bags!!!

Miss Jen Watson, my beautiful sis. Super talented with making her own purses and having her own buisness... along with raising two boyeees. 

NeNe Bags was started by Jennifer Stopnik Watson in 01'. NeNe was Jennifer's childhood nickname.  She always wanted her own business and loved the fact that she could use her creativity to earn a living.  First, she started sewing handbags for friends, family and for fun.  Later on, Paul Frank, a good friend and former neighbor inspired her to make a career out of her talent.  She finally designed her first line, which debuted in early 03' at Dali Boutique.  She has since moved into an office/design studio where she sews and designs every NeNe Bag.  All bags are one of a kind,  handmade with vintage and vintage inspired upholstery.  NeNe Bags are sold in boutiques nationwide and are even in the hands of celebrity clients. Our goal at NeNe Bags is to help you make a fashion statement,  even if you are wearing blue jeans and a white tee.

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