Make a Maxi Skirt in 10 minutes for 10 Bucks!

I've been busy with a bunch of projects latley... that's why there have been no posts the past couple of days. Here's one of the projects I've been working on. It literally takes 10 minutes. (Oh, and for the people that don't know... I didn't eat too much. I'm 26 weeks(7 months) pregnant, that's why my belly is so big!

* 1 Yard of Stretchy Fabric
 (I got nice fabric. It was expensive fabric at 10.00 per yard. I figure 10.00 for a skirt is pretty dang cheap. You could get cheaper fabric).

  Step 1
Measure the length of a skirt you like. Or just measure from your body. Start where you would want the top of the skirt and end at where you would want that bottom. 
Add 1" for sewing hems and what not. And if you're not sure, always add a couple extra inches. You can always make it shorter.

Step 2
Measure the length of the fabric. ANd also the width. 

(To get a straight line I just pin the measuring tape on the fabric in a couple of spots and cut down the line.)

Step 3
 The Waist Band.
This is what will hold your skirt up.
Take a long piece of fabric and fold it in half.
 Then fold again to the width you want your band.
 So it will be a nice and sturdy band and that when you wear your skirt, YOu can either make it a high-waisted skirt, or fold over the waist band.

This is how I figured the width to cut:
I wanted a 2 1/2" waist band. 
Fold over once = 5"
Fold over second time = 10 "
+ ADD 1" (for sewing) = 11"
*The photo shows the width of the band at 4", but I ended up making it thinner later, to 2 1/2".

To figure how long to cut the band...
I don't use a measuring tape, I just take the fabric and wrap it around my waist, mark and cut for the circumference of my waist. Making sure to pull it nice and tight. So, once it's all finished it will hold the skirt up on your waist and not fall down. That wouldn't be good.

Keeping the fabric folded in half, only once... Sew the edges together.

Step 4
Sew the "Right" sides together of the Body(your first piece you cut) and the waist band. 
Keep the unfinished hems together. Before you sew, try on the waist band and wrap the body of the skirt around you, double checking and making adjustments to your lengths, widths, ect.

Step 5
I made the skirt meet in the middle and gathered it at the top and left a slit.. you can probably figure this out on your own. pretty simple. The last thing I did to finish off the skirt was cut off the corners of the skirt where it met in the middle to give it a rounded look.

Wam. Bam. thaaank you ma'am.

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