Carol Hopper and her Mugshots

I was browsing through etsy and came across this lady and her shop.  I really like her story and her drawings are rad.. They're all original pencil drawings inspired by a circa 1920's mugshot.  It is drawn on a recycled tissue paper overlay from a 1926 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. 

Here's her story off her Etsy:

About Carol Hopper

My work focuses on the everyday, ordinary - people and things overlooked and forgotten. A simple pencil, the artist's most basic tool, is never far from my hand. 

Based in my hometown of Las Vegas, I have been a self-taught, working artist for over 25 years. In 2009, the economic collapse cost me my business, my jazz musician husband's livelihood, and ultimately our home. Homeless for two years, we bounced around from friends, relatives, and cheap motels. Whatever our living conditions I never stopped creating my art. The hardships of the past few years have given me an intense empathy for the least of us, the down and out, the castaways.My most recent work, the "Just a Number" series of drawings, reflects my firsthand experience at being homeless, humbled, lost and found. 
Check out her shoppe on  ETSY .

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